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Sagacity Tech is committed to empowering mankind with advanced technology to enable him to find the needle in the haystack, to get the critical life saving information he needs to save a life and to know who is standing in front of him without a doubt.

AcuMedical: Heads-Up Display for EMRs

Google Glass has arrived, and the Sagacity Tech engineers are busy configuring them for a new role as the primary display for their mobile Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.
Up to this point, the data has been displayed on tablets, for rounding and patient visits, and smart phones, for quick access to patient information while away from a computer.
“Device real-estate has always been a concern for us.” Replied Eric Washburn, Sagacity’s CTO, when asked about the different devices. “Tablets, like the iPad, gave as some freedoms we couldn’t achieve with smart phones. Our original designs were for the iPAQ, which had a very small screen and needed direct WiFi access. Then the smart phone came along and we leveraged the Microsoft’s Windows Mobile standards. After that came the iPhone and it gave us even greater flexibility, but we were still hampered by the screen size. Tablet computing gave us the best of both worlds. Mobility and Real Estate.”

So why Google Glass?

  • mostly hands-free
  • great viewing capabilities
  • provides little barrier between patient and care giver