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AcuID: Third Factor Identification and Proximity Access System (T.F.I.P.A.S.)

Utilizing unique cardiac rhythm monitoring you can quickly identify those with access to restricted areas or personnel.

While passwords can provide a high-level of security they can be compromised. Adding a second layer of security in the form of a token or authentication key sent to your phone increases the level of confidence. Third Factor Security in the form of a biometric provides the greatest level of security when combined with the password and token.

Where keycards and RF ID devices were once used for access to secure locations or confidential documents these items can be compromised by theft or duplication. Using a biometric indicator unique to the authenticator, such as cardiac rhythm, you can feel confident of identity while not subjecting the target to password compromise or waiting for a token to arrive..

Once the designee approaches a secure or identification location they simply activate their wristband and the AcuID System confirms their identity.

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