Sagacity Tech

Sagacity Tech

Sagacity Tech is committed to empowering mankind with advanced technology to enable him to find the needle in the haystack, to get the critical life saving information he needs to save a life and to know who is standing in front of him without a doubt.

Sagacity's founding partners have over 25 years experience in customized software development.

In the last 15 years we have been specializing in mobility solutions.
While focusing on mobility platforms, we have developed applications for Blackberry, Android, iOS and Microsoft mobile devices.
We are specialists in biometric and near field communications (NFC) identification, mobile-to-desktop interoperability and secure Electronic Health Records (EHR) with real-time access on smart devices.

The Sagacity staff has presented lecturers to academia and corporations.

We have presented case studies in Electronic Medical Records, Security and Mobility solutions. We have presented and consulted on HIPAA compliance and EMR mobility from small to large Healthcare organizations.

We are now in the process of Research and Development of advanced technologies and products.

We are currently developing wearable tech that exploits augmented reality and multiple biometric indicators to enhance the subjectís understanding and situational awareness of their environment.